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The hallmark for kitchen and bath professionals, NKBA certification is based on in-depth testing and extensive industry experience. NKBA-certified members must also meet annual continuing education requirements. The NKBA certifies kitchen and bath professionals in various levels of expertise, and provides two distinct paths; one for the kitchen & bath designers and one for non-design professionals. According to a 2010 survey conducted by Fleishman-Hillard, 80% of consumers prefer to work with certified kitchen designers over uncertified designers.

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The NKBA Intern Program is the perfect solution to your staffing needs. Plan today to host an intern from one of the dozens of NKBA-accredited kitchen and bath college design programs across the United States and Canada . Balance the highs and lows of your staffing requirements this spring or summer, while preparing for the upswing in kitchen and bath spending that could soon leave your business understaffed.

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NKBA Courses
Whether you're an experienced industry professional looking to enhance your design or business skills, a student striving to break into the industry, or a professional who wants to build professional credentials through NKBA certification, you're certain to benefit from NKBA Education.

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NKBA College Programs
In 1987, the NKBA established standards to provide consistent, quality education for students who wish to become kitchen and bathroom professionals. Educational institutions that have achieved accreditation have incorporated NKBA reference materials and resources into their curriculum. Students that graduate from an NKBA Accredited Program are uniquely qualified to earn an NKBA certification designation.

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